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What Customers Say

Ok first I will say the jacket fits, feels good and for the price it is actually a really good jacket.

I have to say that I am a full-fledged motorcycle fan. My requirements for motorcycle jackets are really high. First of all, he needs to fit, wear-resistant, keep warm, have pockets to put my keys and earphones. The jacket I bought completely meets all my needs. I really like this jacket.

I’m a bit fat. Most motorcycle jackets don’t fit very well. I often encounter jackets that don’t fit and can only be returned after purchase. This problem has been bothering me. Not long ago, I happened to see this one. In the shop, their jackets look nice and functional, but due to previous problems, I did not place an order directly, so I consulted the online customer service, and the customer service was very friendly to answer me one by one, and I proceeded with satisfaction Place an order to buy. I received the product today and tried it on. It feels comfortable and the color is beautiful, and it just fits perfectly after putting it on!!!!! It’s really great!!!!!

Great value product! The size is just right, looks great, feels very comfortable, and well protected! Great product.

I have worn this jacket for a year, and I have walked nearly 6,800 kilometers on a motorcycle while wearing it. In my country, it is cold all year round and the inside of the jacket can keep warm, which allows me to ride with peace of mind during the ride; In this way, when riding at night, it is not a problem at all, because there are reflective strips on the outside of the jacket to ensure that I can ride safely at night. Really great value for money.

I saw this jacket by chance on tiktok. At that time, I didn’t know what kind of motorcycle clothing to buy. I like cool things. So I saw this jacket at first sight. The online shop has placed an order for purchase. After arrival, the jacket is really good-looking and comfortable to wear. It just fits well; I wear it all the time, whether I sleep at night or go out to work during the day. I really like it.

Not long after I received it, I had to say that the logistics service was very good. When the goods arrived, the courier called to inform me, and then I inspected the goods. The packaging was well packed and there were no problems with the products, which made me feel relieved.

I like this jacket, not only because it has many choices of color, there is an external titanium alloy protective gear at the left and right shoulders, and the built-in can be detached, and the protection is well done. The jacket at this price , The quality can achieve this, it’s really great, most other businesses can’t achieve this quality.

My girlfriend and I met on a motorcycle. I happened to see the motorcycle jackets in this shop. I thought that my girlfriend and I would buy a set each, but I was worried that there were no women's clothing. So I consulted the customer service staff, and the customer service staff immediately gave it to I recommend a women's motorcycle jacket of the same type! ! ! ! ! My girlfriend and I were very happy. The customer service staff responded very quickly and gave us a perfect answer. We decisively purchased two sets.